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Whimsical Wallpaper + Decals



Bombora Wallpaper Mural

From $ 20.00 - $ 459.00

Whale Decals

From $ 12.00 - $ 59.00

Swans Wallpaper

From $ 8.00 - $ 120.00

Portraits Wallpaper

From $ 8.00 - $ 120.00

Rainbow Wallpaper

From $ 26.00 - $ 102.00
Whimsy done right can capture the imaginations of little ones and charm the adults as well. Our collection of whimsical wall decals and wallpaper includes cute little critters, clouds and rainbows, hand drawn styles and more—all perfect for a children’s room design. Fun wall designs are perfect for any room. Browse fun wall decals and wallpaper below.