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Project Nursery Design Services Terms + Conditions


This Agreement is between Project Nursery, LLC (PN), Little Crown Interiors, LLC (LCI), YouthfulNest (YN) and the Client. The design services provided by PN are for consultation purposes only. PN, LCI and YN are not responsible for the aesthetic, functional or safety outcome of the finished space.  Any drawings, plans or specifications produced or provided are for concept only, and may not be to-scale or reflect the exact nature of products or concepts. The client is responsible for the accuracy of photos, images, information and measurements that are submitted.

Products & Purchases: The client is responsible for researching any product suggestions and ensure they will fit correctly in the space. PN, LCI and YN are not responsible for product quality, size, backorders or damages. If any products are purchased through Project Nursery, those items are subject to the return policies as listed on this website.

Scope of Work: Any drawings, plans or specifications produced or provided by PN, LCI and YN shall be used solely for interior design purposes, and are not to be used for architectural, engineering, heating, air-conditioning, plumbing, electrical, or other such purposes.

Intellectual Property: All designs, plans, specifications, sketches and other creative works produced by PN, LCI and YN in connection with the client remain sole property. PN, LCI and YN reserves the right to publish such designs for promotional purposes unless otherwise agreed upon in advance in writing by the client. 

Safety Disclaimer: Client is responsible for researching any and all safety information provided. PN, LCI and YN is not responsible for any safety-related injury or hazard.