Wall Decals

Add that extra special touch to your little one’s room with Project Nursery’s wall decals for baby rooms! Our collection of nursery wall stickers features an incredible assortment of unique designs, so you’ll find that special style you’ve been looking for.

If you want something geometric, check out our rainbow decals in squares, triangles, and circles. Or perhaps you want something that evokes the natural world. In that case, we have beautiful woodland and floral decal stickers featuring colorful blooms and relaxing trees. Many of these decals are small enough to add a minimal touch of wonder to one corner of the room. Others are large enough to turn a blank wall into a bold accent wall.

Playful wall stickers for your nursery create a feeling of whimsy and wonder for your child. We also have modern and subtle decal designs that can grow with your child into their older years. Many of our decal sets would look great in your own bedroom or any other room in the home, for that matter! 

Riptide Watercolor Decals - Multiple Colors

$ 65.00

Cloud Wall Decals

$ 24.00

Watercolor Raindrop Wall Decals

From $ 6.00 - $ 59.00

Mountain Retreat Colorful Compilation Wall Decal Set

$ 45.00

Succulents Wall Decals

$ 21.00

Dino Cloud Kit Wall Decals

$ 29.00

Tropics Wall Decals

$ 114.00

Bunny Kit Wall Decals

$ 34.00

Irregular Dots Wall Decals - Multiple Colors

$ 29.00

I Heart You Wall Decal - Multiple Colors

$ 59.00

Polka Dot Wall Decals - Multiple Colors

$ 35.00

Paint Stroke Wall Decals - Multiple Colors

$ 69.00

Lightning Bolt Wall Decals - Multiple Colors

$ 33.00

Glasses Wall Decals - Multiple Colors

$ 37.00

Twinkle Stars Wall Decals - Multiple Colors

$ 39.00

Hot Air Balloon Wall Decals - Teal

$ 65.00

Spaceships Wall Decals

$ 69.00

Tiny Cactus Wall Decals

$ 22.00

Hand-Painted Mountains Wall Decal Set

$ 175.00

Moving Mountains Wall Decal

$ 165.00

Silly Bunny Wall Decal

$ 44.00

Big Curious Bunny Wall Decal

$ 94.00

Big Bunny Wall Decal

$ 94.00

Open Feathers Wall Decal

$ 28.00

Forest Compilation Wall Decal

$ 40.00

Die Cut Clouds Wall Decal

$ 55.00

Die Cut Mountains Wall Decal

$ 39.00

Skinny Crosses Wall Decal

$ 29.50

World Map Wall Decal

$ 60.00

Desert Compilation Wall Decal

$ 40.00

Confetti Dots Wall Decal

$ 50.00

Wide Stripe Wallpaper Tiles in Gray

$ 27.00

Confetti Wall Decals in Blue

$ 49.00

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