Project Nursery Lion Sound Soother + Nightlight


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Soothe baby to sleep with high-quality sounds from nature or a melodic lullaby. The soft glow of the nightlight creates a tranquil environment so your little one can drift to sleep more easily. Its playful design, combining well-placed controls and offering AC or battery power, makes it fun and easy to use.



  • 3 Natural sounds: heartbeat, waves, white noise
  • 3 Lullabies: Brahms' Lullaby, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
  • Nightlight
  • Sleep Timer - 15/30/45/60 minute
  • Operates on AC adapter, or 4 AAA batteries (included)



Currently out of stock. Please email for availability.
Included in Box Lion Sound Machine, AC Adapter, 4 AAA Batteries
Product Specs  5.04" w / 5.79" h / 3.94" d / .83 lb

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