Bibs + Burp Cloths

Messes are a part of life, but we can help the situation with adorable baby bibs and burp cloths from Project Nursery. Cloth baby bibs come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and soft materials perfect for little ones. We also offer BPA-free silicone baby bibs that have deep pockets for catching spills and are easy to clean, as well as cotton, muslin, or mudcloth. The style options are endless and people will comment on your child’s fantastic fashion sense when they wear pom pom or bandana style bibs. We have just the baby bib sets you’ve been looking for!

Suns Silicone Baby Bib - Project Nursery

Suns Silicone Baby Bib

$ 12.00

Jade Burp Cloth Set

$ 20.00

Ridge Burp Cloth

$ 20.00

Sweetheart Baby Bandana Bib Set

$ 20.00

Buttercup Blossom + Mustard Herringbone Bib Set

$ 16.00

Yellow Rose Deluxe Bandana Bib Set

$ 17.00

Pom Pom Bib Set - Peach

$ 36.00

Pom Pom Bib Set - Purple

$ 36.00

Wonder Bib -Taco Tuesday

$ 14.00

Lion Wonder Bib

$ 15.00

Citrus Silicone Bib Set

$ 25.00

See the Good Wonder Bib

$ 15.00

Cheeks for Weeks Wonder Bib

$ 15.00

Sushi + Taco Bandana Bib Set

$ 18.00

Avocado Bandana Bib Set

$ 18.00

Celebration Bandana Bib Set

$ 18.00

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